Clementine’s Luxury Dog Vacation Resort and Daycare Playcare






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Your dog will have the run of a big fenced yard, and side porch where they have a view of the street and can protect the house from joggers and a screened porch with padded beds and plenty of water. They can come in and and out as they please through a doggie door and go upstairs to hang out in the Tiki Hut on warmer days or cause a doggy toy explosion in the Master Bedroom Suite… because around here, your dogs have freedom and options.


Clementine’s prices are the best around for the kind of exercise, freedom, care and attention our canine guests get here.

With us, for only $30 a night, your precious doggy can be in doggy paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel in a cage or confined in a run full of germs.

You will receive daily texts while you are away that recount the goings-on’s here and often pictures. And you are welcome to text anytime you like to check in.

$30 is for an approximate 24 hour time-frame when the drop off and pick up times are within a couple of hours of each other. If you drop off early morning and pick up late afternoon, a playday will be added.

$20 playdays is for an approximate 8 hour duration.  For extended playdays, $5 will be added. The rate will be reduced to $15 a day for pre-payment of three or more days a week.

Personal checks are as welcomed as as cash. If you bring cash, please bring the exact amount because I will not be able to make change.

We do not require paperwork or shots verification. We simply request that your dog be house-trained, treated to be flea free, freshly bathed and that you provide an adequate amount of food and instructions as to when and how to feed them.


Many dog owners, prior to their doggy’s first stay here, want to come by with their dog(s) to see the premises and to meet Clementine. We welcome that and very much enjoy the visits.


No matter what time in the morning you want to drop off your doggy and no matter what time in the evening you want to pick them up, all need to do is pay in advance for the week at a designated place on the screen porch. If you like, you can text me at anytime. If you give me advanced notice after dark, I turn on a light. For regular doggy daycare, you can drop your dog off at any time in the morning that is convenient for you as we are not limited to the hours commercial concerns keep.


Being here is like being at a second home with someone who loves them and gives them lots of attention … and with a really cute pig who will probably ignore them and eat grass all day but is still really tickled when we have guests. She misses her sister, my little Hannah who left us at age 16 about a year after Clementine joined our little family.

For recommendations, please read some of the comments made on our posts on Nextdoor, below. You may also talk to Beth Franklin, who is the founder of Hand In Paw. My beloved half poodle half Shih Tzu Zelda and I used to be members of Hand In Paw. Beth gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, also a half poodle half Shih Tzu who could have been Zelda’s twin, in 2000. It was soon after we lost Hannah on Easter Day of 2016, which broke my heart, that a visiting friend/neighbor suggested Clementine and I start dog-sitting. It has definitely been pet therapy for me to borrow all of the wonderful dogs that have come to visit me since then. And Clementine is the happiest when there is lots of activity here.



Cell: (please text) 205-617-2120

Facebook: Feel free to send a friend request. I am the only Jenifer Humming.



Victoria Correa 

I love to see the cute pictures of Clementine…Especially since our Maple loves going to see her. We’re so thankful we found you on Nextdoor- Maple now has a “grandma’s house” to play and get loved on while we are at work. Thanks for posting and watching our baby – Victoria

I have to say Maple is a different dog. She used to run in hide in the morning when we took her to the daycare…now she can’t wait to get out the door!! Thank you so much… it gives us such peace of mind!

Ann Day Laurence

Maisie spent a night and a day with Jennifer and Clementine about a month ago and Maisie is still talking about it. Reasonable rate and took great care of my girl.

My Maisie has stayed with Jenifer and Clementine twice and both times, when I picked her up she was very calm and happy. I was a little jealous but still won’t hesitate to let Maisie stay with them again. There is a big back yard and I think she pretty much had all the access she wanted to the house. Jenifer is good with animals. So convenient to our neighborhood too. Dont hesitate to call me if you need more.

Stephanie Lima

Our pup recently spent two nights with Jenifer and Clementine and loved it! He was well-cared for and even had the chance to play with another “boarder” pup. This is a great service for the neighborhood!

I can’t recommend this option enough! Jenifer is fantastic and her setup really is a luxury pet vacation!

highly recommend Jennifer and Clementine. Our pup is a regular at the piggy palace and he LOVES it. Jenifer’s rates are very reasonable and the pups receive excellent care. We always get daily updates while we’re away. Jenifer’s house and yard are perfect for dog-sitting.

Megan Kouns

Isabel stayed with jenifer and clementine and the other pups for the weekend, and I dare say she had the time of her life! Jenifer provided daily updates and pics of the fun, and we knew she was in good hands. A far superior alternative to boarding your pup, and highly recommended! Thank you again, Jenifer and company.

Our brown dog isabel has loved every minute of her stays with clementine. And we love getting the daily updates and photos from jenifer. An ideal pet sitting experience all around!

Amy Rixey

Our lab Satchmo jumps out of the car and doesn’t look back when we pull up-he has stayed with Jenifer and Clementine multiple times, ranging from a few hours to almost a week. He knows his way around and we have full confidence that he is happy and well cared for the entire time he’s there 🙂 We very much appreciate the daily updates and pictures while we’re away. It puts our minds at ease to know what’s going on. He high steps all the way out the door when we say “we’re going to camp”!

Susan Kubler

Olive had such a wonderful vacation at Clementine’s. She’s looking forward to many more visits. Now that we’ve found this fun, safe, and nurturing home/resort for our 4-yr old pup, My husband & I feel much better about our travels.

While our family was away, our pup, Olive, stayed in Birmingham, relaxing and playing at Clementine’s Luxury Resort. She gets to exercise, socialize, and be pampered. Jenifer’s daily updates are a treat. We’re so fortunate to have Clementine’s as our pet sitter.

Kelly Schiff

Thanks Jenifer and Clementine for your warm hospitality! Halo always has such a wonderful time when she visits and it’s such a relief to me to know she’s having such a good time!

Keri Kemp

Our dog, Cody, stayed with Jenifer last weekend and I could tell he was very comfortable there when I picked him up. She’s great!

Margie Stevens

Jennifer – You & Clementine are a HUGE asset to our wonderful, quirky n’hood! 😊👍💖🐷

Allison H.

My pup Lucy had a great time today with Clementine and Jenifer!! I can tell from her snoozing on the couch since we got home that Lucy had a great time and Jenifer was so nice and welcoming! Send your pups her way!

Casey Schaffer

Jenifer and Clementine are amazing!! I HIGHLY recommend their pet resort. And I have very high standards for my pet care so that means a lot lol 🐶☺️

My golden children are fully vaccinated and they both recently (about a few months ago) caught kennel cough from a local daycare that does require vet records. Because of that experience I decided that they are much better off with a kind neighbor who provides a controlled and loving environment for them when my husband and I have a crazy day or are out of town. BONUS that you can text Jenifer to get updates on your babies and she happily replies, even sending pictures!

Grant McDaniel

Just wanted to speak from recent personal experience that Jennifer (and Clementine) were excellent hosts for our dog Ruby this past week! Ruby received great care and attention and we received peace of mind along with daily updates of how she was doing.

Please consider Jennifer and Clementine as a great and local option for pet sitting.


Katie McDaniel

Jennifer watched our dog Ruby for a week and it was great! She updated us regularly and kept her well fed and happy. I felt good knowing that Ruby had free range during the day. She got along well with Clementine and the whole experience was much easier and more convenient than boarding



Clementine Wanted to Go Down Memory Lane…




July 5, 2016

I lost my sweet 16-year-old puppy Hannah Easter morning. After a lifetime of always having a dog, or many dogs, a Wolf and a pig, I miss having a dog. Clementine, my second pig, misses having a dog. I am not ready right now to take on a puppy or even get a more mature dog from a rescue shelter, so I need to borrow yours. Therefore Clementine and I have decided to partner together in a new business: a vacation resort for dogs and mini pigs and mini goats when their mommy’s and daddy’s go out-of-town.

We have a large fenced-in yard, a porch with a view and a screened porch for shade, shelter, water and luxurious pet beds. We can accommodate crates as well if your pet likes its own little bedroom. I am here all of the time, so if your dog does not wish to be outside or prefers the company of a human over watching a pig eat grass all day, he or she can be with me. We just enjoyed a wonderful week with Ruby – who smiles all of the time, is pure sweetness and very well behaved.

The going rate for interactive pet-sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or cage, is $40 a day. With me, for $25 a day, your precious pet can be in doggy/pig/goat paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs. References are available, among which is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, the kind soul who gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, in 2000. 😊🐷



Merry Christmas From Clementine!

Clem by fire

We will be having turkey tomorrow, not ham!

Clementine just wanted to announce that she is taking new doggie clients. Unfortunately, three of our most favorite regular doggy visitors moved out-of-town, one isn’t coming to visit because his mommy and daddy just had their first baby and won’t be traveling for quite some time and we lost the pleasure of the company of two of our absolute favorites when one of them had to have his leg amputated because of cancer. I am happy to say that he’s doing well… just can’t manage the stairs here.

We haven’t posted about dog sitting recently because I let it slow down — mainly due to having an especially difficult time with pain in my recovery from a total hip replacement. I thought I was never going to improve since the hip replacement was last Valentine’s Day and it seemed ridiculous that I was still so incapacitated. As some of you know I even considered giving up Clementine because I wasn’t able to do justice to taking care of her. But I’m elated to report that I’ve turned the corner in my healing and the pain has greatly subsided! And Clementine is happy and getting all of the attention that she needs!

(Sadly, as many of you may know, Mighty Mulligan, the dog I mentioned above that had to have his leg amputated because of cancer, lost the battle yesterday, January 6th. He is now in Doggie Heaven with Hannah and so many of our precious babies we’ve had to say goodbye to over the years.)

My favorite picture of “The Golfer Boys” Bogey and Mulligan. Mulligan was 10 years old. He was SO loved by anyone who knew him and he will be SO missed!


Thank you for visiting our reminiscence. If you want more information you can go to the next post down: Clementine’s Luxury Pet Vacation Resort and Daycare Playcare

Or you can view all of Clementine’s posts  with pictures and video simply by going to Jen’s Blog

Clementine’s Roots, Clementine Roots, and Clementine Roots (Because That’s What Pigs Do)!


Put Clementine’s Luxury Pet Vacation Resort and

Daycare Playcare on your route on the way out of town!



These are a few pictures of the farm in Hayden, Alabama where Clementine was born and spent the first part of her life. What you don’t see in these pictures are all of the Chihuahuas!  Clementine is very comfortable around a wide variety of animals and loves activity. This is why she is such an excellent host for your precious pups!


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Clementine Roots

When Clementine first came to live here, it was her life purpose to plow the lower 40!  Needless to say, she left no truffle unturned. Then she comes inside every day and roots her dirty snout on the bottoms of doors until her snout is clean and the doors are trashed. It’s a daily thing. Clementine roots. It’s what pigs do.


What is it like here you wonder? Clementine invites everyone who has a doggy that they care enough about to send on vacation when they are on vacation or treat them to playdays with other fun doggies to  come for a preliminary visit with their pups so that when they come to stay they will feel comfortable and at home immediately.

The Premises


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The Doggie Hall of Fame


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Who is Jenifer Humming?

I finally got brave and updated my Facebook and Nextdoor picture.


Yep… my first selfie. 😊



Big dogs have the run of a big fenced yard, a deck where they have a view of the street and can protect the house from joggers, a screened porch with padded beds, and plenty of water. The door to the house is open so they can come in and go upstairs to hang out in the Tiki Hut or cause a doggy toy explosion in my Master Bedroom Suite… because around here, pets have options.


Clementine’s prices are the best around. The going rate for Doggy Daycare elsewhere is $25, but here it is only $15 a day.

The going rate for interactive pet-sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or a cage is $40 a night. With us, for $25 a night, your precious pet can be in doggy paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs.

$25 is for an approximate 24 hour time-frame when the drop off and pick up times are within a couple of hours of each other. If you drop off early morning and pick up late night, a playday will be added. While I don’t mind early drop off’s, I do request that evening pick-ups be no later than 7 PM, which is an hour later than commercial pet sitting establishments nearby. Keeping hours from 7 AM to 7 PM is seven days a week is also much more generous than nearby commercial pet-sitting businesses. This is not a business — it is a labor of love. Just ask Clementine.

If an after-hours pick up is absolutely essential, it can be pre-rearranged prior to or at the time of drop off, provided the stay is prepaid. Personal checks are as welcomed as as cash. If you bring cash, please bring the exact amount because I will not be able to make change.

I do not require paperwork or shots verification. I simply request that you bring your doggy flea free, freshly bathed and that you provide an adequate amount of food and instructions as to when and how to feed them.


Being here is like being at a second home with someone who loves them and gives them lots of attention … and with a really cute pig who will probably ignore them and eat grass all day.

You will get daily text updates and often pictures or video for your peace-of-mind while you are away.


I got my first dog, a poodle, when I was 10 years old. Since then I’ve always had a dog at least if not an entire menagerie or petting zoo. I am a cross between Ellie Mae Clampett and St. Francis of Assisi.

I can do all facets of animal care including grooming, expressing of anal glands (I will teach you, why pay a vet for something so simple, albeit horribly gross?) and injections.

For geriatric dogs I will whip up a batch of bone broth to add to the food. When PRECIOUS 16 year old Sammy came to stay last time, she couldn’t make it up the stairs until after a few days of bone broth, and then she was up and down! Sammy is here now for a really long stay while her mommy is in Europe! She is getting bone broth with Tumeric in her food twice a day  and hopefully she’ll be moving around better after a few days like last time. What a good girl she is!




References are available, among which is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, who gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, in 2000.  I would like to take a moment to congratulate Beth upon her return to Hand In Paw! Clementine and I are waiting to hear about what hoops she needs to jump through to be a therapy pig.

In addition,  I welcome you to inquire to anyone who has known me and my animals as well as the wonderful mommies and daddies who have been so kind as to loan me their pets these last few months. 😊🐷

Clementine Cordially Invites You…



Clementine wishes to extend an invitation to all animal lovers in Crestwood North and surrounding neighborhoods to visit for coffee and hummingbird watching in the Tiki Hut — after inspecting the premises if you are considering bringing your precious pup to Clementines Luxury Pet Vacation Resort Daycare Playcare.

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Big dogs have the run of a big fenced yard, and deck where they have a view of the street and can protect the house from joggers, a screened porch with padded beds and plenty of water. The door to the house is open so they can come in and go upstairs to hang out in the Tiki Hut or be inside in air conditioning… (or heat in the winter) because around here, pets have options.

Clementine’s prices are the best around. The going rate for Doggy Daycare elsewhere is $25, but here it is only $15 a day.

The going rate for interactive pet-sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or a cage is $40 a night. With us, for $25 a night, your precious pet can be in doggy paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs.

Being here is like being at a second home with someone who loves them and gives them lots of attention … and with a really cute pig who will probably ignore them and eat grass all day.

You will get daily updates for your peace-of-mind while you are away.

References are available, among which is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, the kind soul who gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, in 2000.


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Clementine’s Luxury Pet Vacation Resort


Clementine gets lonely and bored because I am not ready to raise another dog after losing Hannah recently. Thank goodness a sweet little rat terrier named Alyce is staying with us being cute all week. What a good girl!


If you don’t already know from my previous posts, Clementine is a mini pig. She’s just a little over a year old. She is sweet, SMART and well behaved. She is used to being around people and animals from Chihuahuas to Llamas.


As you may have already gathered, I am a BIG animal lover. In 27 years of living in this neighborhood I’ve had pets ranging from a potbelly pig, a wolf, a flying squirrel and many dogs of all sizes. I have spent my entire life with a menagerie and self-taught myself everything from training them to grooming them. All of my pets have been extremely well-behaved, very sweet and Zen! Zelda was a star with Hand In Paw doing her tricks for the children every week at Children’s Hospital, performing on stage at The Crawfish Bowl and Picasso Pets. One of my references is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, who called me up in Fall of 2000 and told me she was resisting, but she kept hearing a rescue pup she brought back from the Gulf Coast named Hannah was my dog.  I told her I was on my way to Puerto Rico for a few months and I couldn’t get a puppy but I had about 30 minutes I could run down and see her. I told her “whatever you do, don’t let me take her home.” I went straight to Beth’s house and picked Hannah up and brought her home. Her first couple of months she stayed with my good friends while Zelda and I went to Puerto Rico. Both being grey Shihzpoos (half Poodle half Shih Tzu), they could have been twins. Zelda must have downloaded how to be perfect to Hannah because she was as sweet and well behaved as Zelda right from the start. After 16 wonderful years, I lost her Easter morning. Our sweet babies just don’t live long enough. 😪


I also have an uncommon affinity with Hummingbirds. If you are interested, you can go to this link and see hundreds of pictures and video of me with hummingbirds. Or you can come and have coffee with me on my tiki hut deck early morning and enjoy their company.

Here is a picture I took off of my website slideshow. It’s one of my favorites showing me holding two hummingbirds up to a feeder in my loft.


And just one more thing that seems to pertain. My lifetime pursuit of strength and endurance sports has yielded severe joint issues that have clipped my wings, to say the least.


Borrowing your precious puppies helps me because being “disabled” (I still have a really hard time using that word), every little bit helps.

We have the absolute perfect set up. We have a large fenced-in yard, a porch with a view and a screened porch for shade, shelter, water, a fan blowing on hot days and comfy pads to lay on. I have a crate if your pet likes its own little bedroom. I am here all of the time, so if your dog does not wish to be outside or prefers the company of a human over watching a pig eat grass all day, he or she can be with me.

The going rate for “free-range” pet sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or cage, is $40 a day. With me, for $25 a day, your precious pet can feel safe getting lots-of-attention-pet-loving in a home instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs. You will get daily updates for your peace-of-mind while you are out-of-town.

Doggie daycare elsewhere is $25, but we would love for your pup to visit for only $15 a day.

It’s gratifying to live in a neighborhood where neighbors care about each other and help each other out. Bringing your dog here is convenient and affordable for you and helps me through a tough time with the joy that comes from being able to spend time with your wonderful doggies.

They deserve vacations too!

What Came First? The Hummingbird or the Egg?


Why Hummingbird? Why Humming?

Quantum Purpose Unlimited

… The Wisdom of Uncertainty …

The search for security and certainty
is actually an attachment to the known.
And what is the known? The known is our past.
The known is nothing other than
the prison of past conditioning.

Deepak Chopra

Shaman death is the symbolic death of the initiate
to the old ways of life and personal identity.

Rebirth: American Indian Bat Medicine

It just happened, that’s all. It was gradual. The message came to me again and again this year that I have been in “deep shift,” and that I was dying to my old life. Before making any conscious decision to do so, I began slowly pulling up roots by letting go of much of what I had devoted all of my time and energy to in my work and in my personal life, and began to pull away from people in my city. I came to realize I was clearing my life of everything and everyone (and soon to be every place) that was unnecessarily draining my energy, and began funneling all of my energy into one focused purpose — for the first time in my life.

It was a slow process as I have had to ultimately look at all of my relationships with the people and with the things upon which I have built my identity … at how my self-esteem has been based on the acceptance and support of friends and on my possessions and accomplishments. What I began to see clearly is that people and things were the very reason I had low self-esteem.

I have been harshly forced into facing that the people I loved were not really getting me, accepting and supporting me, and no amount of waiting and hoping and proving myself would ever get them to see who I really am and treat me differently — or be capable of being different themselves. I had to accept them, let them go, and love them from another place.

I have been harshly forced into facing that the things I own and the things I did and thing I was most proud of about myself, which all determined my identity — were just symbols of success I was clinging to that were actually the very things keeping me from true fulfillment of my ultimate potential.

The good is the enemy of the best.

I have made drastic decisions in answer to these realizations. I have not been cheerful and swift in making these changes. I allowed myself to be pounded again and again by circumstances until my stubborn and tenacious little self got the message. LET GO!

The most powerful and meaningful circumstance in a year of unbelievable challenge was the discovery that, yes, I … Cleansing Queen Of The World … had the threat of cervical cancer hanging over my head … again. And how did this happen when I live (mostly) right and fast/cleanse 30-40 days a year? I figured it out quick:


I was chagrinned that I had allowed an unacceptable level of stress to be such a part of my life for so long that I found myself backed into a corner by something I had arrogantly stated many times I would never have to face. What a come-uppence. And I did not take it well. My efforts at healing myself were half-hearted and half-assed. And then I allowed yet another … oh, several actually, REALLY STRESSFUL things to happen, resulting in what work I did do to heal myself being undone.

Now, I say I allowed these things to happen; certain things occurred because of the actions of other people beyond my control. My self-esteem was (and has always been) such that I was not able to recognize the unacceptable behavior of key people in my life for too long — until I became sick and then saw it for what it was and did something about it. If I had become conscious of the truth sooner and made hard choices sooner, I could have saved myself much. But really, looking back, I don’t think I could have done things any other way, as my nature is to love, to always see the good in people, and to give freely, and I had not yet made the connection between such matters and my self-esteem. Ego was muddying the waters. But these events forced the issue!

To provide little background for better understanding: I had been teaching people how to live a lifestyle of being clean in a toxic world: hosting a very intensive cleansing/detox retreat for the last seven years — a program I designed, and I drew my clientele from all over the country. It was essentially for healthy, spiritually-oriented people who wanted to be even more healthy and clear. I was well into the process of moving my business to Costa Rica when my life took an unexpected turn with the unraveling of several things I thought I had under control: my health, relationships (employee/friendship … I had been single and not dating for some time by then) and my career.

The process that had begun organically, of eliminating from my life the pursuits and influences that were draining me, was spectacularly propelled into a conscious, deliberate, and drastic clearing of the decks. Nothing about the way I had been living and approaching things was right for me anymore. Suddenly what I had been doing for a living for seven years was no longer my job, and I could not do it anymore. This of course meant no income too, but that was a choice I had to make to be in my integrity of purpose.

The surprising turn came about because in order to provide the main alternative treatment of the program at the location I had chosen in Costa Rica, I invented a device that is considered by a certain government agency that regulates these sorts of things to be a medical device. Due to many factors, all of which directly related to or derived from my health, I made the hard choice to close my retreat business so that I would be able to really concentrate on healing myself and devote myself without distraction to the development of the invention. The invention adventure involved numerous generations of prototypes, writing a patent specification, researching that government agency’s approval process and writing the submission, setting up manufacturing and assembly procedures, making marketing plans, researching export regulations, and establishing my business structure, etc. I didn’t realize it when I began, but I had waltzed right down into the rabbit hole and it turned out to be a much more daunting undertaking than I ever could have imagined. I was completely naïve when I started. I am grateful I did not know what I would go through when I started, because I would have known for sure I could not do it. But I did it, and I am doing it.

My choice to close my business was also made clear by the fact that as much as I had tried to hire “experts” again and again to help me with the invention process, no one ever came through (part of the major stress of the year) and I finally had to stop doing anything else and concentrate full-time on the invention. I just couldn’t do it all, and this was the most important thing. So I just became every kind of expert I had to be to get the invention work done. Finding all of this capacity in me further distanced me from my old life and old way of doing things and old way of thinking. I amazed myself, and from the pain of being let down over and over, emerged a newfound understanding that I could do anything. I lost the last of my fear that had held my self-esteem hostage to waiting to be rescued.

All year, despite the stress and the crazed hard work, I was staying centered and clear, and felt the most powerful I had ever been. But then the balance I couldn’t seem to keep, and that had become my present, moment to moment struggle … was to be even close to grounded. I could not find a tether anymore. Nothing I used to do to reign me back in was working. No amount of coffee, or heavy food could stop me from buzzing. My vibration is, was, and had been all year, disconcertingly high. It has been demanding. There have been times I have thought “this is all I can stand.”

While I was in South Florida arranging for the manufacturing of my invention, I received a phone call from my good friend, who is also my general practitioner MD. She called to tell me that the result from my latest pap smear was back up to severe, and that she was scared. She said I as much as had cancer, and that I need to stop fooling around. She had gone along with my insistence to heal myself again naturally, as she had seen me do it eight years before. But what I was doing this time was obviously not working … mainly because I had a poor attitude and I wasn’t really doing consistently what I knew to do. Her fear startled me, so I relented and agreed to go in for treatment when I got home.

My first week home, before I could get an appointment with an OBGYN, I had a “come-apart.” That’s Southern for “de-compensating.” That’s medical for going into a spin. Anyway, I experienced a lot of emotional and spiritual turmoil while living with the idea that I had cancer. I went through the process in my mind about how I felt about my life, and what I thought about death. It was heavy stuff, and I faced it head-on. And then on “Cosmic Epiphany Day” … the day the world moved out of Saturn-in-Cancer and into Saturn-in-Leo (thank you Jesus) I had an epiphany!

I realized I had done … or was doing, and was almost done … what I came here to do. I knew the immense importance of my invention and what an impact it was going to have on many individual lives, and what the energetic ramifications were going to be to the entire earth because of it. And I knew the thing I had to do was to finish it and get it to the point where it was out there and had a life of its own and did not need my energy anymore. Then I would be done.

It was a revelation. I didn’t know before that that could happen. I’d never heard of such a thing. I always thought life was about ”the journey” and that you never really arrived. That may be so for most, but for me the knowing came that I was reaching a point of arrival and decision. Somehow I had remembered what I contracted to do when I agreed to this incarnation, and was picked and picked on until I grudgingly did it while walking through fire. And then, there it was … the destination was in sight, and I had to start making decisions about what next.

“For I am already being poured out like a drink offering and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.”

II Timothy 4:6-7

I was already feeling myself slipping away. It was (is) an amazing feeling! It is frightening and exciting and paralyzing at the same time. It feels like hundreds of thousands of volts are rushing through my body and that all I can do is be still and dematerialize. It calls up a wonderful poignancy that can only be described as Joy … but joy according to C. S Lewis’ definition in his book “Surprised by Joy: “Sehnsucht.” It is no surprise I did my senior paper on this concept in College.

Lewis describes Joy — Sehnsucht — or “The Great Desire” as a momentary grasping of the Divine … such a profound and unforgettable feeling that could be even a particular kind of grief, but if it were within your power to feel, you would not trade it for all of the pleasures of the world.

It has brought me to tears many times. It has made me long to melt into nothingness. It leaves no room for ego and self, but as you drift away you look back on yourself with an amazing detached compassion, like a mother’s love for her sweet sincere little child who has tried so hard and has suffered such painful bewilderment. For her the tears come. There is a feeling of sadness and inevitability. And a tingling anticipation without a shred of uncertainty as you await the opening.

This feeling, this knowing, this thing happening to me … I don’t shy away from anymore. I welcome it and do what I know contributes to the raising of my vibration like fasting and cleansing and staying in a state of Karma Yoga and constant prayer most of the hours of my day. I might not understand what is happening to me, but I relinquish myself to it … to the flow … to surfing the Mystery, because it is why I am here and that matters more than being here.

I have been working my whole life, and most especially these last years, since the moment I made the decision and the promise to reach the full potential of my Soul in this incarnation — to be my most authentic self in service to God, the Universe and the purpose for which I came. And in doing so, in living life at the speed of Life Force Energy, the equal and opposite reactions had pummeled me, and I was beat up. I reached such a low … or high point one day that I realized: I had absolutely nothing better to do than to save the world.

If I do nothing but keep myself clean and conduct energy into this world, then I am doing my purpose to save the world. I began to realize it is the purpose of many conscious souls on this planet to save the world.

So I let go and decided to revel in my delusions of grandeur, and never fold up my wings again. I was relieved to know that I was almost done, and that if I felt I had to go, then I could go. But I could also decide to stay. I realized there was so much I could do, that I am prepared to do, that I am poised and ready to do … that aren’t my dreams, but the dreams of so many other people who are not as ready and do not possess the resources I do and where-with-all to live their dreams. If I stayed, then I would be, as I had already written nine months before in my Costa Rica Business Vision: “The benefactor of dreams.”

I also realized that if I were already dead (albeit symbolically), then no one could ever hurt me again. I would be invincible.

When I went to see the doctor, he knew I had waited nine months to seek treatment from my first irregular pap, and he said to me almost in anger, “You know this is serious don’t you?!”

I said, “Yes sir.” And from that moment on, I no longer took it seriously.

For some time I had been skirting burn-out in my work running such an intense one-on-one cleansing retreat. This was largely due to the fact that on my website, which was one of the things I had attached my identity to, had a large section telling my story and many pictures of me were displayed throughout. People connected with me from my website, and when they came, they came to get my undivided attention. This was a choice I made from the start for pragmatic reasons. My business was located in a city not only not known for it’s health and spiritual consciousness, but known instead for the exact opposite. In order to attract clients, there had to be something unique to draw them in. That was me. I received a lot of comments and feedback that the personal nature of my message touched and inspired people. I wanted to continue to share my observations of life from a personal perspective, but I didn’t want it to be about me anymore. How would I do that? I didn’t know.

I felt it necessary on September 8th, 2005 to make a call to the manufacturer of one of the devices I had been using in my practice for many years to find out about the political and governmental climate of the alternative health industry in the country from his point of view and involvement in a recent momentous industry-changing lawsuit. He gave me the behind the scenes overview of the situation, which illuminated and clarified questions that had arisen from the research I had done related to my invention. I hung up the phone realizing that in devoting my life to doing good and helping people empower themselves to reach perfect health and spiritual enlightenment, that I was considered by our government to be an outlaw and was in true peril!

To make matters worse, one of the people named in that horrendous lawsuit had my name. I decided then that I must keep my name out of having any involvement with the marketing of the invention and decided I must remove my website from the internet so that in the approval process of my invention, there could be no direct access to the views on the benefits of the modality I had so brazenly held for so many years. I decided then that I needed a bare-bones marketing website to sell the device to people who were looking for it from a foundation of their own convictions, and a separate website not associated with the invention to give the information and guidance that had been available on my very large website … and also to expand it to be much more, as it would no longer be about my retreat business.

I had been teaching for many years concepts that had come to me in a language I had developed from Quantum Physics that explained truth in a fresh vocabulary that people found easy and accessible. I had seen my words speak to my clients struggles in a way that finally got through when the same concepts in the over-used Christian vernacular hadn’t made sense to them even after a life-time of hearing the words. I live in Quantum (magic and miracles and mystery) and I speak in Quantum.

What I had to awakened to and had begun to nourish through all of this was a cosmic perspective, a global vision for the raising of the vibration of the world, a manifesting propensity, a knack for prosperity, a new way to generate a lot of income, total abandonment to my purpose, unswerving drive, and a lot of audacity.

I realized my purpose was a Universal Purpose for which many people on the Earth are here. I began to call it Quantum Purpose and made the intention to become a magnet to draw together, and an agent of activation — for the others who are here for this Purpose, and with whom I have Sacred Contracts to facilitate their (meanwhile my own) evolution. It was as Quantum Purpose insinuated itself into my plans and then proceeded to dominate, that I began to consider how to have a website that supported the invention without giving away that it was associated with the invention.

I decided since it was my purpose to raise the vibration of the world, it didn’t matter if people bought my invention in particular — just as long as they used whatever resources were available in whatever price range they could afford. I would link to all devices and services that could help people reach their goals.

Then I began to ponder how I could get across the great experiences and information in my story, which so many people had related to me had moved and inspired them, without using my name. The solution: to use a nom de plum. At first I thought of using something cute and edgy like Susie Quark. But then a knowing came to me: just something symbolic. Hummingbird. It came as quietly as that. And since that moment I have gained an understanding how symbolic and perfect it is.

First thing I turned to is what Hummingbird represents in American Indian Animal Medicine:

Hummingbird knows instinctively where beauty abides and, near or far, she journeys to that place. She moves comfortably within a beautiful environment and help others taste the succulent nectar of life. Hummingbird disdains ugliness or harshness, and quickly flies away from discord or disharmony. Hummingbird is a fragile medicine, its target is Beauty and Hummingbird’s mission is to spread joy or to be destroyed. Hummingbird quickly dies if caged, caught, or imprisoned.

While I am as much the Eagle, I find it more appealing and fitting to be a Hummingbird. Of all of the American Indian Animal Medicine meanings, the Hummingbird has always given me the most hope. If I get to choose, Hummingbird or Eagle, I choose the little thing. I went online looking for pictures of Hummingbirds and I found one that stunned me when I first saw it, and still does every time I see it. She is me. I realized that immediately. I thought then, wouldn’t it be perfect if the next time I worked with the medicine cards, if I got the Hummingbird card? That would let me know that this was really guidance I was receiving. And the next time I was guided to choose a card, I did get the Hummingbird card! But in contrary — upside-down. I was dashed and confused. I didn’t understand. The message was all about fragility and sadness. I thought I was ready finally for joy. That was the deal — my terms for staying! I couldn’t figure it out so I decided to leave it until morning. The next morning I read over it again, determined to do nothing else until I understood. My whole life had been so framed in disappointment and sadness. Yet I have been eternally hopeful and have unceasingly believed I was made to love and to experience joy. Then I got it. Immediately I wrote:

“Sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance, the heart is made better.”

Ecclesiastes 7:3

We come, we forget, and then we try to remember. But in our haze of forgetfulness, we are stuck in duality. Until we can remember that everything is one and accept without judgement, we will only see good and bad, light and dark, up and down, win and lose.

We will be stuck in the illusion that if we can just get the good, the light, the up, and the win … all will be well. We try and try and try, and we get the good and the light and the up and the win, only to be dashed and disillusioned to realize that it has brought with it the looming anxiety that the bad, the dark, the down and the lose will show right back up and take it all away again. And so it usually does.

Then we realize … too late … that back when all we had was the bad, the dark, the down and the lose — the other side was there all along as opportunity calling us to transform.

So round and round we go, struggling with the two-edged sword of everything we think we want.

Until one day we realize that the two sides of everything are the same, and we accept the bad with the good, and the dark with the light, and the down with the up, and the lose with the win … because we get it finally that you can’t have one without the other.

And then we look at people who are content with unexamined lives and realize we wouldn’t change places.

We are grateful, after all, for the struggle … as it is the other side of peace.

We accept.

“Sorrow is Joy in another Reflection.”

Poof! The duality vanishes. We once again remember, everything is one.

I then started seeing Hummingbirds. I had been putting watermelon rinds outside by my kitchen door as I found it attracted butterflies. One day I saw an Emerald Green Hummingbird hovering by the watermelon through the screened door. A couple of days later, after a walk at the Botanical Garden’s, I saw an Emerald Green Hummingbird hovering by my car in the parking lot.

Then a couple of days after that is when the real miracle happened. Here is an email to a friend on September 20th:

I just had one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life!

I went to Hollywood Video … a place I never go, because I wanted to rent The Merchant Of Venice, and they were the only place that carried it. When I got into my car to leave, I saw a hummingbird fly up to the window of the building and hit it a few times, and then fall to rest on the window sill stunned. This was a very odd place for a hummingbird to be, in the middle of a commercial area with no beautiful garden nearby. I got out of the car, gently picked up the little thing, and got back into the cool car. I opened my hand to see if she was alright. She just lay there, still, but her eyes were alert.

I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there looking at her and praying she wouldn’t die. I decided to drive home, try to feed her some watermelon juice and set her free in a more wooded environment.

I drove home carefully, and she just sat in my open hand the whole way. When I pulled into the driveway, and stopped, she took flight tentatively and settled on the dashboard. It was then I saw an amber light shine through her chest feathers from where her heart must be. It really was a light! It glowed.

She flew around a few more times, but clearly was exhausted.

I picked her up again and took her into the house and up to my bedroom where the French doors were wide open with no screens, and in retrospect … in the exact location where a ley line pops up into my house! I let her loose, and ran downstairs for the watermelon. I brought it up, put some juice in a clear bowl, tipped it and held it to her beak. I saw her little tongue that was no bigger than a hair come out from the end of her beak to lap up some juice. She then took flight, right out of the open doors, high above the trees and away.

I’ve put the watermelon rind out on the deck full of juice in case she returns.

I took a few pictures, but they are too close for her to be in focus. She is a vivid emerald green, with a bright amber light in her chest!

I prayed that day with a prayer so solid, there was not one wavering molecule in my mind or heart. I said “Please God. Please Universe. Give me another chance to photograph me holding a hummingbird.”

I now have hundreds of pictures and video

The preparing my submission to that government agency in order to market in the US, was one of the most daunting elements of this whole amazing experience. It was the “slaying the dragon” and I could not make a false step. I removed my retreat website from the internet so they would not be able to reference it for my view on the benefits of the associated therapy. I had my lawyer submit it on his letterhead in my company name, keeping my personal name out of it — to avoid confusion because of the other person with the same name involved in the Texas lawsuit. Dealing with that government agency is a very tricky business. I was told by lawyers and consultants who had worked there that they would never approve my device. But after almost two years of research, and writing, and making TWO submissions, they returned the decision that they did not regulate my device. Therefore, it is legal to market in the US as long as I continue to observe their limits and regulations, especially in terms of the claims I make for my device.

My intent in presenting my writings under another name is just to have a way to offer the important support information that I am making available on this website without breaking the law, losing all of my inventory, being shut down, thrown in jail and fined a million dollars. (I am not exaggerating.) I do not have a firm grasp on how to maintain a nom de plum and online identity separate from my in-person identity.

Hummingbird fits. I am always still it seems, yet moving at the speed of Life Force Energy! I am always humming, vibrating, buzzing … feeling the energy go through me. Sometimes it seems too much. I am surrounded by beauty, and yet even my gilded cage has caused me sorrow. I seek beauty in the world, and I always find it. My nature is to love, and my essence is joy.

I have changed. I have evolved. I have left karma behind and now it’s dharma time! I now have only my Purpose in my heart and mind, and the determination to live my Ultimate Potentiality in unfettered Joy.

It doesn’t matter who I am. We are all ONE.

“One’s own name and form and self-concept are more like a constellation being named, with lines drawn in between the points of light to shape into a form — a concept superimposed upon reality, somewhat different than reality itself.”

Lama Surya Das

That’s Why Hummingbird


The story gets more interesting. The Texas Jennifer with the conventional spelling of two “n”s law suite was easily found when Googling her (my) name (spelled wrong). I started getting calls from people who thought it was me, and probably didn’t get hundreds of calls from people who thought it was me. Suddenly that name was a career killer. When a copy of her law suite came back to me along with my international patent search, I knew I had to legally change my last name.

The day I was born my great grandfather telegramed my mother to name me Jenifer with one “n” so that I would have 7 letters in both my names (I have no middle name) because “Seven is the Heavenly number.” I needed my new last name to have seven letters in it, but it was such a big decision, I didn’t know what to do. And then the moment came when it occurred to me to count the letters in Hummingbird.

That’s Why Humming

Next, see the Gallery of Hummingbird Pictures beginning with the first blurred pictures that I took the day I rescued the first hummingbird with the glowing amber heart.