Clementine Wanted to Go Down Memory Lane…




July 5, 2016

I lost my sweet 16-year-old puppy Hannah Easter morning. After a lifetime of always having a dog, or many dogs, a Wolf and a pig, I miss having a dog. Clementine, my second pig, misses having a dog. I am not ready right now to take on a puppy or even get a more mature dog from a rescue shelter, so I need to borrow yours. Therefore Clementine and I have decided to partner together in a new business: a vacation resort for dogs and mini pigs and mini goats when their mommy’s and daddy’s go out-of-town.

We have a large fenced-in yard, a porch with a view and a screened porch for shade, shelter, water and luxurious pet beds. We can accommodate crates as well if your pet likes its own little bedroom. I am here all of the time, so if your dog does not wish to be outside or prefers the company of a human over watching a pig eat grass all day, he or she can be with me. We just enjoyed a wonderful week with Ruby – who smiles all of the time, is pure sweetness and very well behaved.

The going rate for interactive pet-sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or cage, is $40 a day. With me, for $25 a day, your precious pet can be in doggy/pig/goat paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs. References are available, among which is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, the kind soul who gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, in 2000. 😊🐷



Merry Christmas From Clementine!

Clem by fire

We will be having turkey tomorrow, not ham!

Clementine just wanted to announce that she is taking new doggie clients. Unfortunately, three of our most favorite regular doggy visitors moved out-of-town, one isn’t coming to visit because his mommy and daddy just had their first baby and won’t be traveling for quite some time and we lost the pleasure of the company of two of our absolute favorites when one of them had to have his leg amputated because of cancer. I am happy to say that he’s doing well… just can’t manage the stairs here.

We haven’t posted about dog sitting recently because I let it slow down — mainly due to having an especially difficult time with pain in my recovery from a total hip replacement. I thought I was never going to improve since the hip replacement was last Valentine’s Day and it seemed ridiculous that I was still so incapacitated. As some of you know I even considered giving up Clementine because I wasn’t able to do justice to taking care of her. But I’m elated to report that I’ve turned the corner in my healing and the pain has greatly subsided! And Clementine is happy and getting all of the attention that she needs!

(Sadly, as many of you may know, Mighty Mulligan, the dog I mentioned above that had to have his leg amputated because of cancer, lost the battle yesterday, January 6th. He is now in Doggie Heaven with Hannah and so many of our precious babies we’ve had to say goodbye to over the years.)

My favorite picture of “The Golfer Boys” Bogey and Mulligan. Mulligan was 10 years old. He was SO loved by anyone who knew him and he will be SO missed!


Thank you for visiting our reminiscence. If you want more information you can go to the next post down: Clementine’s Luxury Pet Vacation Resort and Daycare Playcare

Or you can view all of Clementine’s posts  with pictures and video simply by going to Jen’s Blog


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