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Your dog will have the run of a big fenced yard, and side porch where they have a view of the street and can protect the house from joggers and a screened porch with padded beds and plenty of water. They can come in and and out as they please through a doggie door and go upstairs to hang out in the Tiki Hut on warmer days or cause a doggy toy explosion in the Master Bedroom Suite… because around here, your dogs have freedom and options.


Clementine’s prices are the best around for the kind of exercise, freedom, care and attention our canine guests get here.

With us, for only $30 a night, your precious doggy can be in doggy paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel in a cage or confined in a run full of germs.

You will receive daily texts while you are away that recount the goings-on’s here and often pictures. And you are welcome to text anytime you like to check in.

$30 is for an approximate 24 hour time-frame when the drop off and pick up times are within a couple of hours of each other. If you drop off early morning and pick up late afternoon, a playday will be added.

$20 playdays is for an approximate 8 hour duration.  For extended playdays, $5 will be added. The rate will be reduced to $15 a day for pre-payment of three or more days a week.

Personal checks are as welcomed as as cash. If you bring cash, please bring the exact amount because I will not be able to make change.

We do not require paperwork or shots verification. We simply request that your dog be house-trained, treated to be flea free, freshly bathed and that you provide an adequate amount of food and instructions as to when and how to feed them.


Many dog owners, prior to their doggy’s first stay here, want to come by with their dog(s) to see the premises and to meet Clementine. We welcome that and very much enjoy the visits.


No matter what time in the morning you want to drop off your doggy and no matter what time in the evening you want to pick them up, all need to do is pay in advance for the week at a designated place on the screen porch. If you like, you can text me at anytime. If you give me advanced notice after dark, I turn on a light. For regular doggy daycare, you can drop your dog off at any time in the morning that is convenient for you as we are not limited to the hours commercial concerns keep.


Being here is like being at a second home with someone who loves them and gives them lots of attention … and with a really cute pig who will probably ignore them and eat grass all day but is still really tickled when we have guests. She misses her sister, my little Hannah who left us at age 16 about a year after Clementine joined our little family.

For recommendations, please read some of the comments made on our posts on Nextdoor, below. You may also talk to Beth Franklin, who is the founder of Hand In Paw. My beloved half poodle half Shih Tzu Zelda and I used to be members of Hand In Paw. Beth gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, also a half poodle half Shih Tzu who could have been Zelda’s twin, in 2000. It was soon after we lost Hannah on Easter Day of 2016, which broke my heart, that a visiting friend/neighbor suggested Clementine and I start dog-sitting. It has definitely been pet therapy for me to borrow all of the wonderful dogs that have come to visit me since then. And Clementine is the happiest when there is lots of activity here.



Cell: (please text) 205-617-2120

Facebook: Feel free to send a friend request. I am the only Jenifer Humming.



Victoria Correa 

I love to see the cute pictures of Clementine…Especially since our Maple loves going to see her. We’re so thankful we found you on Nextdoor- Maple now has a “grandma’s house” to play and get loved on while we are at work. Thanks for posting and watching our baby – Victoria

I have to say Maple is a different dog. She used to run in hide in the morning when we took her to the daycare…now she can’t wait to get out the door!! Thank you so much… it gives us such peace of mind!

Ann Day Laurence

Maisie spent a night and a day with Jennifer and Clementine about a month ago and Maisie is still talking about it. Reasonable rate and took great care of my girl.

My Maisie has stayed with Jenifer and Clementine twice and both times, when I picked her up she was very calm and happy. I was a little jealous but still won’t hesitate to let Maisie stay with them again. There is a big back yard and I think she pretty much had all the access she wanted to the house. Jenifer is good with animals. So convenient to our neighborhood too. Dont hesitate to call me if you need more.

Stephanie Lima

Our pup recently spent two nights with Jenifer and Clementine and loved it! He was well-cared for and even had the chance to play with another “boarder” pup. This is a great service for the neighborhood!

I can’t recommend this option enough! Jenifer is fantastic and her setup really is a luxury pet vacation!

highly recommend Jennifer and Clementine. Our pup is a regular at the piggy palace and he LOVES it. Jenifer’s rates are very reasonable and the pups receive excellent care. We always get daily updates while we’re away. Jenifer’s house and yard are perfect for dog-sitting.

Megan Kouns

Isabel stayed with jenifer and clementine and the other pups for the weekend, and I dare say she had the time of her life! Jenifer provided daily updates and pics of the fun, and we knew she was in good hands. A far superior alternative to boarding your pup, and highly recommended! Thank you again, Jenifer and company.

Our brown dog isabel has loved every minute of her stays with clementine. And we love getting the daily updates and photos from jenifer. An ideal pet sitting experience all around!

Amy Rixey

Our lab Satchmo jumps out of the car and doesn’t look back when we pull up-he has stayed with Jenifer and Clementine multiple times, ranging from a few hours to almost a week. He knows his way around and we have full confidence that he is happy and well cared for the entire time he’s there 🙂 We very much appreciate the daily updates and pictures while we’re away. It puts our minds at ease to know what’s going on. He high steps all the way out the door when we say “we’re going to camp”!

Susan Kubler

Olive had such a wonderful vacation at Clementine’s. She’s looking forward to many more visits. Now that we’ve found this fun, safe, and nurturing home/resort for our 4-yr old pup, My husband & I feel much better about our travels.

While our family was away, our pup, Olive, stayed in Birmingham, relaxing and playing at Clementine’s Luxury Resort. She gets to exercise, socialize, and be pampered. Jenifer’s daily updates are a treat. We’re so fortunate to have Clementine’s as our pet sitter.

Kelly Schiff

Thanks Jenifer and Clementine for your warm hospitality! Halo always has such a wonderful time when she visits and it’s such a relief to me to know she’s having such a good time!

Keri Kemp

Our dog, Cody, stayed with Jenifer last weekend and I could tell he was very comfortable there when I picked him up. She’s great!

Margie Stevens

Jennifer – You & Clementine are a HUGE asset to our wonderful, quirky n’hood! 😊👍💖🐷

Allison H.

My pup Lucy had a great time today with Clementine and Jenifer!! I can tell from her snoozing on the couch since we got home that Lucy had a great time and Jenifer was so nice and welcoming! Send your pups her way!

Casey Schaffer

Jenifer and Clementine are amazing!! I HIGHLY recommend their pet resort. And I have very high standards for my pet care so that means a lot lol 🐶☺️

My golden children are fully vaccinated and they both recently (about a few months ago) caught kennel cough from a local daycare that does require vet records. Because of that experience I decided that they are much better off with a kind neighbor who provides a controlled and loving environment for them when my husband and I have a crazy day or are out of town. BONUS that you can text Jenifer to get updates on your babies and she happily replies, even sending pictures!

Grant McDaniel

Just wanted to speak from recent personal experience that Jennifer (and Clementine) were excellent hosts for our dog Ruby this past week! Ruby received great care and attention and we received peace of mind along with daily updates of how she was doing.

Please consider Jennifer and Clementine as a great and local option for pet sitting.


Katie McDaniel

Jennifer watched our dog Ruby for a week and it was great! She updated us regularly and kept her well fed and happy. I felt good knowing that Ruby had free range during the day. She got along well with Clementine and the whole experience was much easier and more convenient than boarding



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  1. Hello, I’m going out of town in November and am interested in leaving my dog with you. Sounds like a nice stay for a dog and I’d like to come check it out. Thanks!

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