Clementine’s Roots, Clementine Roots, and Clementine Roots (Because That’s What Pigs Do)!


Put Clementine’s Luxury Pet Vacation Resort and

Daycare Playcare on your route on the way out of town!



These are a few pictures of the farm in Hayden, Alabama where Clementine was born and spent the first part of her life. What you don’t see in these pictures are all of the Chihuahuas!  Clementine is very comfortable around a wide variety of animals and loves activity. This is why she is such an excellent host for your precious pups!


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Clementine Roots

When Clementine first came to live here, it was her life purpose to plow the lower 40!  Needless to say, she left no truffle unturned. Then she comes inside every day and roots her dirty snout on the bottoms of doors until her snout is clean and the doors are trashed. It’s a daily thing. Clementine roots. It’s what pigs do.


What is it like here you wonder? Clementine invites everyone who has a doggy that they care enough about to send on vacation when they are on vacation or treat them to playdays with other fun doggies to  come for a preliminary visit with their pups so that when they come to stay they will feel comfortable and at home immediately.

The Premises


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The Doggie Hall of Fame


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Who is Jenifer Humming?

I finally got brave and updated my Facebook and Nextdoor picture.


Yep… my first selfie. 😊



Big dogs have the run of a big fenced yard, a deck where they have a view of the street and can protect the house from joggers, a screened porch with padded beds, and plenty of water. The door to the house is open so they can come in and go upstairs to hang out in the Tiki Hut or cause a doggy toy explosion in my Master Bedroom Suite… because around here, pets have options.


Clementine’s prices are the best around. The going rate for Doggy Daycare elsewhere is $25, but here it is only $15 a day.

The going rate for interactive pet-sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or a cage is $40 a night. With us, for $25 a night, your precious pet can be in doggy paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs.

$25 is for an approximate 24 hour time-frame when the drop off and pick up times are within a couple of hours of each other. If you drop off early morning and pick up late night, a playday will be added. While I don’t mind early drop off’s, I do request that evening pick-ups be no later than 7 PM, which is an hour later than commercial pet sitting establishments nearby. Keeping hours from 7 AM to 7 PM is seven days a week is also much more generous than nearby commercial pet-sitting businesses. This is not a business — it is a labor of love. Just ask Clementine.

If an after-hours pick up is absolutely essential, it can be pre-rearranged prior to or at the time of drop off, provided the stay is prepaid. Personal checks are as welcomed as as cash. If you bring cash, please bring the exact amount because I will not be able to make change.

I do not require paperwork or shots verification. I simply request that you bring your doggy flea free, freshly bathed and that you provide an adequate amount of food and instructions as to when and how to feed them.


Being here is like being at a second home with someone who loves them and gives them lots of attention … and with a really cute pig who will probably ignore them and eat grass all day.

You will get daily text updates and often pictures or video for your peace-of-mind while you are away.


I got my first dog, a poodle, when I was 10 years old. Since then I’ve always had a dog at least if not an entire menagerie or petting zoo. I am a cross between Ellie Mae Clampett and St. Francis of Assisi.

I can do all facets of animal care including grooming, expressing of anal glands (I will teach you, why pay a vet for something so simple, albeit horribly gross?) and injections.

For geriatric dogs I will whip up a batch of bone broth to add to the food. When PRECIOUS 16 year old Sammy came to stay last time, she couldn’t make it up the stairs until after a few days of bone broth, and then she was up and down! Sammy is here now for a really long stay while her mommy is in Europe! She is getting bone broth with Tumeric in her food twice a day  and hopefully she’ll be moving around better after a few days like last time. What a good girl she is!




References are available, among which is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, who gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, in 2000.  I would like to take a moment to congratulate Beth upon her return to Hand In Paw! Clementine and I are waiting to hear about what hoops she needs to jump through to be a therapy pig.

In addition,  I welcome you to inquire to anyone who has known me and my animals as well as the wonderful mommies and daddies who have been so kind as to loan me their pets these last few months. 😊🐷


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