Clementine Cordially Invites You…



Clementine wishes to extend an invitation to all animal lovers in Crestwood North and surrounding neighborhoods to visit for coffee and hummingbird watching in the Tiki Hut — after inspecting the premises if you are considering bringing your precious pup to Clementines Luxury Pet Vacation Resort Daycare Playcare.

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Big dogs have the run of a big fenced yard, and deck where they have a view of the street and can protect the house from joggers, a screened porch with padded beds and plenty of water. The door to the house is open so they can come in and go upstairs to hang out in the Tiki Hut or be inside in air conditioning… (or heat in the winter) because around here, pets have options.

Clementine’s prices are the best around. The going rate for Doggy Daycare elsewhere is $25, but here it is only $15 a day.

The going rate for interactive pet-sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or a cage is $40 a night. With us, for $25 a night, your precious pet can be in doggy paradise instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs.

Being here is like being at a second home with someone who loves them and gives them lots of attention … and with a really cute pig who will probably ignore them and eat grass all day.

You will get daily updates for your peace-of-mind while you are away.

References are available, among which is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, the kind soul who gave me Hannah, a rescue pup, in 2000.


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