Clementine’s Luxury Pet Vacation Resort


Clementine gets lonely and bored because I am not ready to raise another dog after losing Hannah recently. Thank goodness a sweet little rat terrier named Alyce is staying with us being cute all week. What a good girl!


If you don’t already know from my previous posts, Clementine is a mini pig. She’s just a little over a year old. She is sweet, SMART and well behaved. She is used to being around people and animals from Chihuahuas to Llamas.


As you may have already gathered, I am a BIG animal lover. In 27 years of living in this neighborhood I’ve had pets ranging from a potbelly pig, a wolf, a flying squirrel and many dogs of all sizes. I have spent my entire life with a menagerie and self-taught myself everything from training them to grooming them. All of my pets have been extremely well-behaved, very sweet and Zen! Zelda was a star with Hand In Paw doing her tricks for the children every week at Children’s Hospital, performing on stage at The Crawfish Bowl and Picasso Pets. One of my references is the founder of Hand In Paw, Beth Franklin, who called me up in Fall of 2000 and told me she was resisting, but she kept hearing a rescue pup she brought back from the Gulf Coast named Hannah was my dog.  I told her I was on my way to Puerto Rico for a few months and I couldn’t get a puppy but I had about 30 minutes I could run down and see her. I told her “whatever you do, don’t let me take her home.” I went straight to Beth’s house and picked Hannah up and brought her home. Her first couple of months she stayed with my good friends while Zelda and I went to Puerto Rico. Both being grey Shihzpoos (half Poodle half Shih Tzu), they could have been twins. Zelda must have downloaded how to be perfect to Hannah because she was as sweet and well behaved as Zelda right from the start. After 16 wonderful years, I lost her Easter morning. Our sweet babies just don’t live long enough. 😪


I also have an uncommon affinity with Hummingbirds. If you are interested, you can go to this link and see hundreds of pictures and video of me with hummingbirds. Or you can come and have coffee with me on my tiki hut deck early morning and enjoy their company.

Here is a picture I took off of my website slideshow. It’s one of my favorites showing me holding two hummingbirds up to a feeder in my loft.


And just one more thing that seems to pertain. My lifetime pursuit of strength and endurance sports has yielded severe joint issues that have clipped my wings, to say the least.


Borrowing your precious puppies helps me because being “disabled” (I still have a really hard time using that word), every little bit helps.

We have the absolute perfect set up. We have a large fenced-in yard, a porch with a view and a screened porch for shade, shelter, water, a fan blowing on hot days and comfy pads to lay on. I have a crate if your pet likes its own little bedroom. I am here all of the time, so if your dog does not wish to be outside or prefers the company of a human over watching a pig eat grass all day, he or she can be with me.

The going rate for “free-range” pet sitting, as opposed to having your pet be warehoused in a crate or cage, is $40 a day. With me, for $25 a day, your precious pet can feel safe getting lots-of-attention-pet-loving in a home instead feeling abandoned, incarcerated and confused in a noisy scary kennel full of germs. You will get daily updates for your peace-of-mind while you are out-of-town.

Doggie daycare elsewhere is $25, but we would love for your pup to visit for only $15 a day.

It’s gratifying to live in a neighborhood where neighbors care about each other and help each other out. Bringing your dog here is convenient and affordable for you and helps me through a tough time with the joy that comes from being able to spend time with your wonderful doggies.

They deserve vacations too!


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